Business Affiliate Financial Plan


One-time setup fee including one year Affiliate Privilege Plan. Annual Privilege Renewal at prevailing rate

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Business Affiliate Financial Plan  Setup
For all persons who are desirous to be affiliated with Qcircle for provision of services and growth at the eConsortium.

Competency  Award (CL-3)
Set-up allocated one product line listing at Job and BizCreation Team
and eBusiness Gallery Listing

Privileges :
Competency  Award (CL-3)
Affiliate Financial Plan (3) – Privileges and Reward
Choice affiliation with a knowledge domain

Consortium Status / Job Credential :
Affiliate @ Qcircle / Corporate Business Affiliate

Setup and renewal Fees:
One time setup includes one year annual fee.
Eligible for annual renewal at prevailing rate.

Consortium Plan and Policy applies.

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