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Singland Strategic Global Media (SGM) is a strategic partner of Qcircle. It provides the IT and internet support to fellow knowledge partners and members at Qcircle. The Organisation is the leading hub in advancing the career of individuals and improving the performance of businesses. It offers a wide range of pathway opportunities for members to learn, innovate to enterprise and re-invent  themselves to the digital world.

Value Proposition

Singland SGM @ Qcircle

QCircle holds a chain of business entities and over 500 rich keyword domain brands. Strategically integrated digitally into one mega eConsortium of investors, business owners, knowledge developers, entrepreneurial innovators and service providers.  The consortium is in constant self-formation, development and growth under a unified Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem.nnQCircle has an ideologically built Education plus Business (“E + B”) Development portal for sustainable innovation and digitalisation growth. Here, members find their growth pathway, partner with one another to learn, innovate and be transformed well to fit into today’s growing digital economy.nnThe main focus of Qcircle is on job and business creation and the regeneration of ideas to create new values. It provides the platform for members to partner among themselves for intra-business privileges and e-commerce reward. Uniquely a eConsortium Ecosystem Partnership for the pursuit of digital growth together.nnAll qualified participants are digitally connected to a knowledge domain and choice of specialisation to advance their core competencies and businesses in the eConsortium. As a trusted platform,  u003cspan class=u0022alt-textu0022u003eQcircleu003c/spanu003e is open for participation by subscription of a Consortium Plan.n

Registered trademark for eConsortium recognition.

Qcircle is an online division of BPII Organisation. The eConsortium is open for participation through a choice of Consortium Plan worldwide. All participants at Singland SGM have the option to be part of Qircle in their growth process.